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ENERGIE began the year 2022 by expanding the production unit! Increasing capacity not only requires investment in new technologies, but will also generate new jobs. ENERGIE is currently recruiting new employees to fill 15 more vacancies.
In order to respond to market demands in a more effective manner, ENERGIE has defined 2022 as a landmark year in terms of innovation and the automation of its production lines. Productivity as a means of ensuring a rapid, effective response is a keyword on which ENERGIE places great importance, and, as such, the Company studies, analyses and develops it in order to position itself at the forefront of technology and production.
Promoted by the growth of both the domestic and international markets in the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Heat Pump sector, ENERGIE has provided a rapid response to the challenges involved, redesigning the layout of the factory floor in order to duplicate the production lines and, consequently, production capacity. In addition to this growth, all the production processes have been analysed in detail, resulting in the acquisition of fully automatic machinery that will quadruple the daily execution of electrical cabling and bent copper tubes to be used in Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Heat Pumps. To ensure the proposed goals are met, the follow-up process will see ENERGIE hire another 15 employees, further consolidating itself as a benchmark company both in the sector and the municipality.

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