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July was the month for renewing and extending the certification of ENERGIE products!
ENERGIE renewed the MCS certificate for its Solar Box equipment and extended this to the rest of the Thermodynamic Solar System range for heated water. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a certificate guaranteeing the quality that internationally demonstrates the reliability of products. This is a certification process involving a complete and exhaustive evaluation not only of the products but their manufacturing and components, staff procedures and training.
The British government has made possession of this certificate an essential requirement for the sale and installation of water heating systems in the United Kingdom as well as to access the incentives planned for the country.
There was also the renovation of the ENEC 04 brand for thermodynamic solar equipment that ensures the meeting of the electric safety requirements as specified in European norms as well as the requirements stipulated by the Low Tension Directive.
As a Common European Brand, with a high level of acceptance in the global marketplace, and which was developed according to a certification system unique at the European level, there is the guarantee that these CERTIF certified products may easily gain acceptance in the demanding European market based on the mutual recognition of certification.
We have passed our two audits with distinction and no instances of non-compliance.

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