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Building Integration Modelling - Library

We unveil the next project to be presented to professionals: during the beginning of 2021, ENERGIE will make available a BIM - Building Integration Modelling - Library, featuring a wide collection of ENERGIE products, to assist architects, engineers and consultants in planning HVAC installations with more at ease.
ENERGIE’s strategy involves integrating BIM methodology, which, in partnership with A400-PROJETISTAS E CONSULTORES, presents a new way of representing projects and within the projects, in CAD systems, allowing 2D and 3D visualization as well as information management throughout the life cycle of a building.
BIM paves the way for easier and more complete communication between all stakeholders involved in a project (architects, engineers, constructors, owners, ...), who can, at any time, view the update model from different perspectives, as well as to add or change information in real time.
These are some of the advantages of BIM objects.

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