The heat pumps are capable of heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water. Those solutions stand out for their high energy efficiency. They can reach an energy classification up to A++ for heating.

They also stand out for their ease of integration with other heating systems and easy installation.

Heat pumps are systems that use the principle of thermodynamics to extract natural heat from ambient air into your home. ENERGIE heat pumps are the ideal solution to increase energy efficiency, taking advantage of the environment as the main source of energy.

There is a cooling liquid that is pumped to an outdoor heat exchanger (evaporator). Here the liquid, with the help of a fan, absorbs the energy from the atmosphere to the temperature differential obtained outdoors.

During this process, the liquid changes to a gaseous state. The gaseous state is sucked in by the mechanical part of the system, the compressor. Here it is compressed, the pressure goes up and consequently the liquid temperature increases. After this, the liquid travels to a second inside heat exchanger (condenser) and transfers heat to the water in the cylinder. The fluid goes into liquid state by cooling down. The liquid pressure is reduced due to a strangulation that happens in the expansion valve and the process starts again.

Equipment       Air-Water Heat Pump

Energie AQUAPURA X30

Refrigerant       R134a
Power supply       380V/3N~/50Hz
Maximum heating capacity       40,00 kW *
Heating capacity       26,50 kW **
COP       3,70 **
Heating capacity       32,00 kW ***
COP       3,48 ***
Domestic Hot Water production       550 l/h ***
Compresor       EVI Scroll
Number of compresors       1
Compression stages to reach max. temperature     . 1
Water pump       GRUNDFOS
Nominal flow       5,00 m3/h
Exchanger       DHW Helical Encapsulated
Number of fans       2
Fan orientation       Vertical
Noise level       62 dB(A)
Dimensions (L×W×H)       1610×1050×1550 mm
Weight       362 kg
Outdoor temperature       -7ºC a 45ºC
Maximum operating temperature       80ºC
Recommended operation temperature       75ºC
Hydraulic connections       1 1/4”

* DHW production (A35/ -ºC W15-75ºC, COP 3,74) |
** according to EN 14511 (A7/6ºC W30/35ºC) |
*** DHW production (A140C W15-65ºC)

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