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Founded in 1981, the wholly Portuguese owned company ENERGIE EST, Lda. is the exclusive holder of the patent and manufacturer of thermodynamic solar systems. Since that time it has asserted itself nationally and internationally as a reference in the manufacture of solar energy.

The reliability and efficiency demonstrated over the years have made ENERGIE into a sound company with a product of recognised quality and robustness.

Our system’s success – which can, in the main, be put down to its economy, efficiency and reliability compared with the other kinds of systems – has awoken the interest of an ever greater number of clients worldwide.

All production complies with the most demanding, strict criteria so as to ensure our clients the highest quality standards.

The Department of Research and Development keeps several lines of research active that enable the company to be ready for a swift integration in the industrial process of those scientific leaps that have been made.

The commitment to research has turned ENERGIE into a recognized reference in matters of technology and research into one of the strategic pillars of growth. In order to do so, the company enjoys the collaboration of the most prestigious Universities and national and international Research and Development Centres.

We currently operate on the most developed markets worldwide.


We believe that by developing innovative technologies and effective processes we will find the solutions required to meet the challenges of the future, thereby making the planet more economically stable by making full use of natural resources.


Our mission is to keep winning over and achieving a prominent position on new markets worldwide and act in socially responsible fashion in the global community.


We will always be associated with a respect for human rights, safe working conditions and business practices which are compatible with the environment, both for the organisation and for partners.


We are committed to treating all activities professionally and developing the best products and services on the market.


We create a business culture where each employee is free to develop his capacities, creativity and motivation to attain their own satisfaction as well as that of our clients.


We are committed to on-going R&D of technologically more efficient solutions in those areas where we operate.


Committed to acting as a socially responsible company in the global community, at the heart of Energie’s sustainability is the desire to maintain a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs of the world today, based on a commitment to ethics and trust towards all the parties involved.



Recognition with the status of SME Leader and sme Excellence. Award 1000 biggest SMEs in Portugal.


Creation of a shift work system in ENERGIE’s production process


Celebration of 40 years of ENERGIE.


Fire that destroyed part of the manufacturing area and inauguration of the expansion of a new production unit with a visit from the minister of the environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes and the mayor of Póvoa de Varzim, Aires Pereira.


Presence in more than 50 countries


Start of production of Geothermal Heat Pumps


Start of production of Aerothermal heat pumps.


Inauguration of the new industrial unit for the production of heat pumps and water heaters


ENERGIE’s 30th Anniversary Celebration


Presence in more than 30 countries


Expansion of the industrial complex with a visit from the Prime Minister, José Sócrates and the Minister of Economy, Manuel Pinho


Recognition with the status of SME Leader and sme Excellence until now. We obtained the IS0 9001 Quality certification.


New industrial complex, of 4000 m2. The name of the company assumes the name of the brand


Inauguration of new facilities with 1000 m2


Creation of a Research and Development (R&D) Center.


The ENERGIE brand has been patented and registered worldwide.


Foundation of the company with the designation Lar Bombas Sistemas Hidráulicos e Energia Solar.


ENERGIE’s Quality Management System has been certified by Tüv Rheinland since 2008, according to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard. ENERGIE’s General Management assumes that total Customer satisfaction is a fundamental factor for the Company’s competitiveness and profitability. Thus, it assumes as main vectors:

  • Provide products and services that satisfy all of the Client’s legal and statutory requirements;
  • Do it right the first time;
  • Continuously improve the quality of products and services, creating value for Customers and stakeholders.