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homepage / World Energie / News / L.C.I.E. BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION – FRANCE
September / 2017

ECO 250 has the NF PERFORMANCE certificate.

ENERGIE aims to provide high-performance energy products through an offer based on efficiency. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our Solar System for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) ECO250 is NF PERFORMANCE – France certified.

The international body L.C.I.E. which analyzes, tests and certifies products in the water sector as well as in the gas industry, thereby developing codes and standards that help in choosing efficient products, contributing to a healthier planet that will continue to meet the needs of future generations.

The NF PERFORMANCE certification guarantees quality, safety and performance for all electric heating systems certified by L.C.I.E.

This NF PERFORMANCE certification thus enables quality, reliable, high-performing devices and big savings in energy.

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