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homepage / World Energie / News / NEW AQUAPURA SPLIT 500L HEAT PUMP
January / 2017

Highlighting the best-selling 500 litre model with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. This solution adapts to domestic, commercial and industrial use, or in other words, to both Domestic and Large Hot Water consumption facilities such as: Boutique Hotels, Apart Hotels, Hostels, Bars and Restaurants, Gymnasiums, among others.

The AQUAPURA SPLIT Heat Pump is a direct condensation technology comprising two parts:

  • The SPLIT Heat Pump unit, installed outdoors,
  • The Domestic Hot Water thermo-accumulator, installed indoors,

The two parts are connected by cooled tubing of up to 20 metres in length, which provides the facility with broadband versatility (Historic Buildings / Existing Constructions / Architectural Barriers / Technical Conditioning).

The AQUAPURA SPLIT Heat Pump guarantees the generation of hot water with outdoor temperatures of up to –15°C, allowing for the accumulation of domestic hot water of up to 65°C in temperature using only a compressor, which allows for the direct replacement of the electrical cylinder or existing heater.

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