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January | February / 2018

Another benchmark project in the Heating of Sanitary Water (DHW) was implemented in a 56-room hotel.

The installation is composed of an ECO XL Thermodynamic Solar System with 28 panels, 2 1500L thermodynamic tanks with extra coil and an air/water Heat Pump as backup. .

This Heat Pump, our model Aquapura EVI 17, is connected to the thermodynamic tanks through and additional coil, and is only activated in case of “emergency”.

With this installation we estimate a saving of around 70% and an amortisation of the investment in a short period of time.

However, this project stands out because it is an installation with maximum energy efficiency and high energy saving by using the sun, the wind and the rain as renewable sources of energy, but it also proves and emphasises the high performance of the solar thermodynamic systems.

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