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March | April / 2018

One of our customers once again invests in ENERGIE solutions. A motel located in the Northern region of the country, which has been recently expanded, and initially equipped with ECO 2000IXD16 Thermodynamic Solar System.

Consisting of sixteen Thermodynamic Solar Panels and two Heat-Storage units of 1,000 litres, it invests again in a Thermodynamic Solar System for the production of Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

The ENERGIE equipment choice is essentially because the motel owner was satisfied with the high performance of the initial solution and low operational costs. For this 30-room extension, the ENERGIE design department selected a system equal to the initial solution, that is, an ECO 2000IXD16. With this installation, savings of around 70% on the use of fossil fuels are anticipated, and an investment that will pay itself in less than 5 years.

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