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September | October / 2022

On 31 October 2022 we celebrate 41 years of existence! It is 41 years of ENERGY! Many stories, many satisfied customers, partners and distributors all over the world, and a lot of innovation.

Over these 41 years, we have been able to outdo ourselves by creating increasingly sustainable and more efficient solutions for our customers and asserting ourselves nationally and internationally as a reference in the heat pump market.

Research and innovation has always been part of the history of ENERGIE, which has prepared us for scientific advances in the sector being rapidly integrated into the industrial process. We seek to be always one step ahead so that we can grow more and more every day!

We aim to continue to gain a prominent position in new markets around the world and bring the most efficient and modern equipment to the ENERGIE community. It is 41 years of many victories!

May we continue to prosper today and in the future.

Congratulations, ENERGIE!

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