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MARCH | APRIL / 2024

On 22 March, we brought together some 50 partners at our installations for further training that also included the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

Throughout the morning, the training focused on the theoretical components underpinning our equipment before we presented new products, functions and legislation. Subsequently, in the afternoon, the contents turned to the technical dimension when we were able to study various practical cases.

Beyond simply endowing our partners with the technical knowledge necessary to providing better services to clients choosing ENERGIE products, the social engagement is also highly stimulating and important to maintaining our close and cohesive relationships. These training sessions undoubtedly represent a means of deepening our ties with our partners and guaranteeing good long term relationships.

At ENERGIE, we strive to daily accompany our partners and, through this means, they get to know our equipment so well and are positioned to advise clients and present the different ENERGIE ranges while prepared to meet any need, whether residential or industrial.

We take every pride in stating we have a growing number of distributers, installers, retailers and recommenders of ENERGIE spread across the country and throughout the world taking solar innovation and technology ever further.

Together, we’re working to build a better future.

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