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February / 2017

This month we would once again like to highlight the unique market characteristics of the Aquapura Monobloc 100 Heat Pump: It heats water in just 2 HOURS.

The ENERGIE AQUAPURA MONOBLOC, Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) is becoming an ever-increasingly popular present and future solution for T0 and T1 type apartments. The combination of its compact size and easy-to-install nature and the fact it features the same requirements for the installation and/or replacement of electric heaters and storage heaters has led to this heater becoming one of the most sought-after solutions for both new and renovated buildings and individual use in local accommodation (hostels, for example).

The rapid water heating response time (2 hours) and the fact it can be installed in a kitchen/laundry room cabinet has also raised the question of replacing the traditional solar thermal system, guaranteeing the same energy class.

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