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February / 2017

A new guesthouse appeared in the district of Baixa Pombalina, in Lisbon, after the complete renovation of two contiguous 19th century buildings.

Due to the fact this was a large-scale renovation, the framework for the installation of technical systems for producing Domestic Hot Water (DHW) was far from ideal, reason for which the equipment for the purpose needed to be selected in accordance with the architectural barriers, limitations of space and technical constraints which arose during the execution of the project.

This particular local guesthouse is composed of 33 rooms, and registers above-average Domestic Hot Water (DHW) consumption requirements due to the fact it is a luxury hotel unit. The equipment selected to fulfill the mission was the recently-launched AQUAPURA SPLIT Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Heat Pump, available in 250, 300 and 500-litre capacities.

A piece of machinery with unique market characteristics, including:

  • An excellent cost/benefit ratio,
  • Energy Class A,
  • Water temperature of up to 65°C using the compressor,
  • Up to 20 metres distance between the inside and outside units,
  • Total silence in the building when the equipment is in operation.

Twelve 300 and 500 litre units were installed to serve independent hot water distributions networks with recirculation, for groups of 2 to 4 rooms in accordance with the occupancy of the same.

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