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homepage / World Energie / News / ENERGIE ANNOUNCES NEW JOB VACANCIES
January | February / 2022

ENERGIE has been focusing on the growth of the company´s team by hiring new personnel. There are currently 15 vacancies open for the production department, which need to be filled immediately.
“We are looking for professionals with a high sense of responsibility and willingness to work, with or without experience in a factory context. Candidates must be available immediately”.
To apply, please send your CV to or deliver your application to the company’s reception area.
With 40 years of experience and regarded as an international benchmark with regard to quality, ENERGIE is a Portuguese manufacturer of Heat Pumps and Thermodynamic Solar Systems. The company views itself as a responsible organisation that strives to ensure the respect of its employees and teams of professionals in a friendly, cooperative environment.
Apply and join the world of ENERGIE!

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