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homepage / World Energie / News / ENERGIE INVESTS IN GREEN ENERGY
JULY | AUGUST / 2023

Under the auspices of the ENERGIE social responsibility and sustainability strategy, we are leveraging a project involving investment of 45,000 euros in the installation of 100 solar panels on a fixed structure in our installations.

With a 47 kW potential, this solar production unit will bring about a significant annual reduction in the electricity bill per unit produced and cut the CO2 emissions by nine tons per year.

In terms of the measures under our industrial digital transformation program, ENERGIE is now implementing various technological initiatives designed to optimise operating efficiency and foster sustainable practices. With precise data on the levels of consumption, we may identify opportunities to improve and adopt other measures capable of further reducing our environmental impact.

This project deepens our commitment to the sustainable development of the company and all our production processes. Solar energy is undoubtedly on this path to a better future.

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