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homepage / World Energie / News / NEW THERMODYNAMIC SOLAR SYSTEM COMBI
MAY / 2017

ENERGIE announces the launch of its latest Thermodynamic Solar System, which integrates in just one unit both central heating and the production of Domestic Hot Water (DHW). Designed as a response to the new requirements of the market, it facilitates and reduces installation time as well as the space required for the equipment.

Four new models of 6, 12 and 16 solar panels are launched, which operate at a low temperature (55°C), as well as a model with 12 high temperature panels (65°C), designed for the replacement boilers’ market.

COMBI is a product of high quality and energy efficiency, obtained thanks to the leading technology used by ENERGIE and more than 30 years of experience. Several smart features have been included to enhance the installer and user experience.

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