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MARCH | APRIL / 2019

New hotel unit in vila nova de gaia bets on ENERGIE.

A 4-star hotel located in Gaia, housed in a renovated historic building of 1890, consisting of a Palace, a Clock Tower building, a Royal Garden, a surrounding space with terrace, unique restaurant with replicas of typical houses of Porto and Gaia in its interior, has a total of 74 rooms.

All components selected, from decoration details to technical equipment, were considered according to the highest quality standards.

For the domestic hot water production (DHW) they choose an ENERGIE system, more specifically an ECO 6000 iXD 40, consisting of a Thermodynamic Solar Block 40 with 40 solar panels and 2 cylinders of 3,000 liters in stainless steel AISI 316L.

The option for this type of equipment unequivocally benefits the architecture of this building, which was one of the most important requirements for this project.

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