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May | June / 2018

The ENERGIE system heats domestic water at an industrial unit´s changing rooms.

Manufacturing plants are known for consuming large amounts of energy and for having special energy needs different to those of other kinds of consumers.

The high consumption of energy at industrial facilities, specifically at industries featuring changing rooms, arises as a challenge and an opportunity to both reduce consumption and improve working conditions.

This recent facility in Lisbon consisted of the replacement of thermal accumulators equipped with electrical resistances with an ENERGIE Eco 2000 model thermodynamic solar system. Or in other words, equipment composed of 12 thermodynamic solar panels, 1 BS12 heat pump and 2 thermal accumulators of 1000 litres each.

The ENERGIE system will guarantee all the domestic hot water (DHW) needs in relation to this unit´s changing rooms.

The estimated return on investment is less than 3 years.

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