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MARCH | APRIL / 2024

Right in the heart of the city of Viana do Castelo, in the north of Portugal, there was the installation of 19 aerothermal AQUAPURA MONOBLOC ENERGIE 270i heat pumps for domestic hot water in a multifamily building.

Chosen in keeping with the existing space restrictions, AQUAPURA MONOBLOC ENERGIE heat pumps have a reputation for their ease of installation and integration, taking up a minimum of 60×60 cm of spaces, thus ideal for small spaces such as kitchen cupboards for example. Furthermore, they are efficient, silent and capture energy from the air ensuring they are the ecological and sustainable option for heating water.

The AQUAPURA MONOBLOC ENERGIE heat pumps obtain high levels of efficiency and endowing the entire range with the A++ energy efficiency rating, one of the highest performance coefficients available on the market (COP = 3.9 for the 270 litre model in accordance with EN16147, air at 14°C and heating water from 10°C to 54°C).

ENERGIE commits to continually provide solution tailored to each specific challenge.

Photo courteously loaned by a partner.

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