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homepage / World Energie / News / REFERENCE WORK – SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE
March / 2017

Une maison située dans la région de l’Alto Minho, à l’architecture moderne et avec une conception minimaliste, équipée d’un plancher radiant sous micro-ciment et d’un système d’huisseries Cortizo.

An integral solution of Central Heating and Hot Water was chosen as the main image of the intended concept.

The residence was equipped with an integral Thermodynamic Solar System, consisting of a SOLAR BLOCK 16, a heat production unit for the underfloor with 16 Thermodynamic Solar Panels, and an ECO 300is, a Hot Water production unit (DHW) with 2 Thermodynamic Solar Panels.

The images demonstrate a perfect architectural integration of the Thermodynamic Solar Panel system, giving the residence a pleasant aspect in the landscape and harmoniously blending in with its surroundings.

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