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April / 2017

Another ENERGIE reference work, this time in an edifice with sea view located in the area of Aveiro, a multi-family residential building composed of 14 units, each one equipped with a Thermodynamic Solar System ECO 300.

The equipment of DHW production was selected by the developer paying special attention to the energetic efficiency, reliability and durability of materials subject to a marine environment.

More about ECO:

  • Certificate,
  • In compliance with the Regulations on Energy Performance of Residential Buildings,
  • Compact,
  • Designed to be mounted in reduced spaces,
  • Design,
  • Internal storage unit designed as a minimalist cylindrical volume,
  • Lightness,
  • Discreet Solar Panel architectonically integrated with no visual impact and weighing 8kg Control,
  • Control panel with colour display,
  • Low Consumption,
  • It has a control panel of the latest generation Low Consumption,
  • The most efficient ever offers the user a monitor of the consumed energy The Thermodynamic Solar System ECO has one or more solar panels with a 10-year warranty against corrosion,
  • Every equipment in the range has stainless steel deposits.
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