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MAY /2017

The most recent application took place in the district of Aveiro, Portugal, in a Nursing Home (IPSS) with 50 users. A new technical production system for Sanitary Water Heating (SWH).

The most recent Nursing Home installation in the district of Aveiro has been completed, the framework presented at the diagnostic phase in the Nursing Home with about 50 users, consisted of a technical system comprising Gas Boilers complemented by a solar thermal component in which only the boiler was working in the heating applications.

It was designed and implemented using the latest Thermodynamic Solar Technology, a technical system comprising Thermodynamic Solar Equipment for the production of Sanitary Hot Water (SHW) for industrial use, model ECO 3000 IXD 16, consisting of 16 Solar Thermodynamic Panels, SOLAR BLOCK and 2 1500 litre thermal accumulators with a stainless-steel coil AISI 316.

The existing solar thermal component was included in the technical system, which has been subject to major maintenance, retaining the existing boilers in the central heating application.

In view of the savings and efficiency gains of the new technical system for the production of Sanitary Hot Water (SHW), the distribution of Sanitary Hot Water (SHW) was extended to the laundry and canteen applications of the building with approximately 1500 m².

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