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December / 2017

A luxury residence located in the Leiria region, featuring modern architecture, equipped with radiant paving and an indoor pool chooses ENERGIE to promote energy efficiency.

ENERGIE was the brand chosen by the client with a view to reducing energy consumption, thereby rendering the dwelling more energy efficient. The residence was equipped with two gas boilers to supply the underfloor heating system, to heat the pool water and to dehumidify the premises.

The ENERGIE project department selected a 16 Solar Block (with 16 thermodynamic solar panels) to provide support for the gas boilers. The installation of this equipment 60% reduction in energy consumption compared to the gas boilers, with the investment paid for in less than 5 years.

The client also requested the removal of the thermal solar panels used to produce domestic hot water (DHW), to be replaced by a SOLARBOX with 2 thermodynamic solar panels, thereby making use of the existing water accumulator.

This maintenance-free system produces hot water throughout the year, in an autonomous manner and in accordance with the client´s real needs.

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