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november | december / 2022

ENERGIE was distinguished with the statute of a Portuguese SME of Excellence 2021!

3,881 companies, responsible for 123,140 jobs, demonstrated their robustness and resilience in a financial year that featured enormous uncertainties and demanded swift adaptation in conjunction with highly prudent management.These 3,881 companies, spanning various sectors of activity, were distinguished with the SME Excellence 2021 award on 14 December 2022.

The performance recognition ceremony took place in Batalha in the presence of the Minister of the Economy accompanied by the Secretaries of State for the Economy and of Tourism, Commerce and Services.

The SME Excellence Statute endows a seal of approval that enhances their reputations and relationships with their surrounding environment – suppliers, clients, the financial system as well as the national and regional authorities -, on a basis of trust that facilitates the development of their businesses.

Both for exporting companies and those with other international ambitions, the SME Excellence statute takes on particular relevance in constituting a factor of differentiation and a guarantee of the robustness and reliability of the respective company.

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