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homepage / World Energie / News / PORTUGAL 2020 – INTERNATIONALISATION PROJECT
march | april / 2021

ENERGIE saw its application approved, to the Internationalisation project, within the scope of the incentive systems for companies of Portugal 2020.
Following the targeted internationalisation strategy, the company has defined the following strategic objectives, among others:

  • To continue the sustained growth of the company’s Turnover and to strengthen its national leadership and international notoriety;

  • To lead the sector in terms of innovation; and

  • To diversify its product offer.

    In order to put the internationalisation strategy into practice and achieve the objectives previously defined, the company will develop activities framed within the following operation typologies:

  • Knowledge of Foreign Markets: Through participation in international fairs and exhibitions, in order to allow the company to promote its products and its innovative solutions;

  • Web Presence, through the Digital Economy: Creation of a new website, implementation of an SEO plan and recourse to digital marketing, increasing the company’s skills and sophistication;

  • International Brand Development and Promotion: Through brand promotion events, in order to promote the brand in a regional market of interest;

  • Prospecting and Presence in International Markets: Prospecting trips to the target markets in order to increase the notoriety of the company in international markets and promote the attraction of new customers;

  • International Marketing: Acquisition of promotional material allowing a greater interaction with the target-markets, as well as the hiring of the services of chartered accountants and statutory auditors;

  • Introduction of a new organisational method in commercial practices or external relations: in order to provide a structure sufficiently capable of responding to international expansion, the company intends to hire two highly qualified technical professionals to work in the areas of digital transformation of the company and e-commerce; and

  • Specific certifications for External Markets: acquisition of certifications of the International Standards, in order to allow the company to progress in terms of exports.

    With this project, the company intends to go from an International turnover of around € 4.103.188,73 € in the pre-project year, to a turnover of € 5.985.800,00 € in the post-project year, which is reflected in an increase of € 1.882.611,27 €.
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