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march | april / 2021

The reference work in focus is located in Matosinhos, in the north of Portugal. A multi-family building with 35 dwellings, of contemporary architecture and high-quality construction.

A heat pump for Domestic Hot Water – Aquapura Monobloc 100, 200 and 300 litres – was installed in each flat. The equipment was integrated in cabinets in the case of one-room apartments and laundry in the remaining types of apartments.

Just as a child writes a loving note to his mother, we also manufacture ENERGIE equipment with all our affection. As for the Aquapura Monobloc.

    The new AQUAPURA MONOBLOC heat pumps have a modern design, high impact polymer external finish, combined with components that give them a longer life, thermal and acoustic insulation, prepared for the installation of Ø160 and Ø190 ducting.

  • + SILENT
    Equipped with a centrifugal fan of maximum efficiency, integrated into a ventilation box designed for minimum noise, with a sound pressure of 36dB(A) 2m.

    Compact equipment, with stainless steel tank and easily accessible hydraulic connections, ensuring greater flexibility in installation. The 200 and 250 litre models can be integrated into a 60x60cm cabinet.

    They present a high level of efficiency, giving the entire range the energy class A+, with one of the highest coefficients of performance on the market (COP = 3.84 for the 300-litre model according to EN16147, air at 14°C and water heating from 10°C to 54°C).
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