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july | August / 2018

ENERGIE system for Domestic Hot Water in Camping Park.

A superb and differentiated installation was carried out by one of our partners.

In early 2017, the Camping Park Owner contacted our representative after being advised by a friend who had installed a Thermodynamic Solar System in the previous year.

The client wanted his Bungalows to be as eco-friendly as possible and have a low electric consumption. Thus, he decided to install a Thermodynamic Solar System in each Bungalow, so that each one could respond to the needs of Domestic Hot Water of 4 people, every year.

In parallel, a small bathing station equipped with 10 showers was built. To meet its requirements of Hot Water, which has an average use of 100 people per day during the summer, an ECO 2000 with 12 Thermodynamic Solar Panels was installed.

After the great success of the systems installed in this 1st phase, proven by customer satisfaction, at the beginning of this 2018 summer, not only another 7 Bungalows were equipped with ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar Systems but also the Laundry unit was also equipped with 1 ECO 500 with 2 panels.

All the needs of the Camping Park are thus ensured by our ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar Systems in an Ecological, Economic and Efficient way.

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