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June / 2017

The most recent implementation took place in Setubal, Portugal, in the BE-FIT gym, which takes up 3000 m2 in terms of space. 7 ENERGIE equipment sets were installed, the model was the AQUAPURA SPLIT 500i.

The energy factor has a significant importance in the competitiveness of companies in the health and wellness sector, and solutions to fight against this reality is essential.

In the case of BE-FIT, and as it is a question of a sports complex with a very high consumption of Domestic Hot Water (DHW), which is difficult to quantify and where management depends on a tight control of costs to achieve profitability of a currently extremely competitive business, the implemented solution allowed for the perfect ratio between cost and energy efficiency.

The AQUAPURA SPLIT Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) has been developed to respond to both domestic and industrial needs, in other words for facilities with hot water consumption on a large scale such as Hotels, Residences, Hospitals, Gyms, etc.

It has direct contact condensing technology made up of two parts:

  • The Split Heat Pump, which is installed outside,
  • and the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) storage tank installed inside.

The AQUAPURA SPLIT Heat Pump can be operated in outdoor temperatures of up to -15°C, guaranteeing a total accumulation of the available DHW of 3500 litres and 65°C.

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