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homepage / World Energie / News / REFERENCE WORK– LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL
MARCH | APRIL / 2020

A charming hotel hidden by nature, of high comfort, good taste and luxury, in perfect symbiosis with nature.

Of ecological design this boutique hotel, located in Óbidos, west region of Portugal, has around 15 suites, distinguished by top contemporary architecture, environmental sustainability and comfort, characteristics that integrate in perfect harmony.

This is another key project, where ENERGIE equipment, 3 AQUAPURA SLIT 500I Heat Pumps, give support to the already existing domestic hot water system (DHW). The DHW is a major point in the success of this hotel, causing very particular experiences to those who visit it.

As it could not be otherwise, there has been an architectural care to integrate the external units of AQUAPURA SLIT 500I Heat Pumps with nature.

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