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november / december | 2022

The world’s best known chain of restaurants – McDonald’s – counts upon us for three of its establishments: the restaurants in Pombal, Porto de Mós and Vila Verde.

The new McDonald’s restaurant in Pombal received the installation of the ECO 500ix thermodynamic solar power system for the production of heated water with support from a INVERTER 14HT heat pump.

The ECO 500ix system incorporates a 500-litre boiler and two thermodynamic solar panels.

The ECO thermodynamic solar power system is probably the most advanced solar water heater in the world enabling the production of hot water up to 55°C, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

And the end-result? Savings of up to 85%.

The aforementioned restaurant got the two-panel 500-litre boiler with a supplementary heating coil. This was coupled with a modern INVERTER 14HT heat pump, with its energy efficiency rating of A+++ and environmental friendly in making recourse to a natural refrigerating gas with a low level impact on global warming – R290.

This combination provides a rapid response to the peaks of consumption existing in the restaurant while guaranteeing hot water at any minute of the day.

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