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homepage / World Energie / News / SUL’22 CONFERENCE – DOURO RIVER
September | October / 2022

In the month of September we had the pleasure of organizing another ENERGIE convention for our partners and customers in the south of the country.

We were able to strengthen ties with everyone in the group of about hundred people that were present and we all enjoyed a well spent afternoon.

In the morning, we paid a visit to ENERGIE’s facilities and explained in more detail the production process, assembly, packaging and distribution of our equipment to our customers.

At lunchtime we embarked on a walk along the Douro River, had lunch together and, in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of music and fun in the mix, got to know each other better. The convention ended in the late afternoon with the return to our facilities.

Conventions are always a good way to reinforce our positioning as heat pump market leaders and to maintain a close relationship with our customers and partners. The next ENERGIE convention will be with our partners and customers from Northern Portugal and the rest of the world.

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