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May | June / 2022

In Trofa, in the northern region of Portugal, we have now completed the installation of 42 Aquapura SPLIT heat pumps in a multi-family building with capacities of 160, 200 and 250 litres in keeping with the typology of the respective apartment.

For this benchmark project, we manufactured equipment specifically according to the specifications with the client project stipulating installation in 600x600cm cupboards. The building verandas also received ventilated structures in order to ensure the conditions for the exterior units of the Aquapura SPLIT heat pumps.

One of the advantages of choosing ENERGIE equipment stems from the capacity to adapt the products to the needs of each client as we also run our own factory that thereby ensures more efficient responses to whatever the request we receive. Hence, the pre- and post-sale service by qualified professionals of excellence proves of particular importance so as to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients under any circumstances.

At ENERGIE, there is the ideal solution for each specific client. Consult the complete catalogue and, in case of any doubts or to request a budget, please get in touch by filling out the contact form.

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