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The presented installation bases itself on a sportive Pool Water Heating System optimization and, also, Domestic Water Heating for locker rooms. It was intended to substitute the existing group of solar collectors, which was outdated, by a functional solution that worked as boiler’s supporting order to reduce diesel’s consumption.


The pool is located in a proper building. The tank, in project, is 25.0m long, 12.5m length and has an average depth of 1.7m. The surrounding area is 7.4m height, 33.0m long and 22.8m length (Photo 1). There is a dehumidifying system that, at the moment, is not active.

In the technical area we can find two Blowtherm diesel boilers of 349kw / 6bar PACK-P AR 345 type producing 70°C hot water. The exchange system was too damaged and mostly unused, having the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) thermal accumulator being already removed, due to the vat’s status of corrosion and bearing in mind the replacement.

In the cover, a system composed by 125 solar thermal panels, designed to support the Pool and DHW Water Heating was inactive. The hydraulics installation that served this group of panels was considered unused due to its degradation status and the reduced efficiency proven in the implementation at issue.


The project consisted in the installation of thermodynamic solar energy composed by two Thermodynamic SOLAR BLOCKS BS40 with 80 direct solar evaporators making a total of 109.2 kW of thermal power, a cascade controller (Photo 2), an inertia thermal accumulator of 1500L made of stainless, two new plates exchangers of 70kW for the pool, circulator pumps and other complementary components and hydraulic accessories.

The BS40 Thermodynamic SOLAR BLOCK have COPELAND® Scroll compressors and an electric circuit associated with a transference fluids tank, a heater exchanger, an electronic expansion valve, operation and protection commands, temperature regulation aquastat controller.

All the quoted features are assembled over an undercarriage with the following dimensions (LxHxP) 950x585x650 mm. The undercarriage comes equipped with an acoustic covering, power connections and panels’ return, threaded connection of 1″ to exit and return of exchange fluid. The fridgenic circuit is performed within dehydrated and isolated copper pipes being used the frigdenic R407C.

The 80 Thermodynamic Panels are performed in anodized aluminum with SolarCoat®, with internal circuits to direct expansion of frigdenic, and presents the following specifications: 7,5kg weight and dimensions (LxHxP) of 2000x800x1.5 mm, covering flat area of 128m2. The panels placement optimizes the thermic gains turning its surface south, with an approximate inclination of 39º.

Though, are accepted other directions and inclinations of the evaporators, without being noticed a significant loss of efficiency by the system. On this installation, by architectural issues and to preserve the structure of the air movement due to the attached heliport, it was chosen to apply a minor inclination.

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