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September | October / 2021

After a pause caused by the pandemic, ENERGIE made its comeback, between 6 and 10 October, with participation in two events in Lisbon, Tektónica 2021 – International Construction and Public Works Fair, and the second edition of the ENERGIE SUL’21 Convention.

TEKTÓNICA 2021, a reference fair in the sector that addresses competitiveness, sustainability and resilience in construction, had 12,000 visitors, which demonstrated the willingness and interest that professionals and the general public had in returning to visit fairs, a trend that was reflected in the ENERGIE stand.

In the month in which the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, being able to take part in Tektónica and present to the public the innovations in its equipment was a cause for great joy, and also allowed greater intervention in the challenges faced by the public, with closer contact and personalised service.

On the 7th, simultaneously with TEKTÓNICA, the ENERGIE SUL’21 Convention was held, a convention more directed towards our professional clients, in which we also presented the latest novelties in detail. The presence and interest of our clients in ENERGIE’s work reflects the true quality and innovation of our solutions and services, which never ceases to surprise and please us.

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