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homepage / World Energie / News / REFERENCE WORK – WASTE MANAGEMENT CENTRE
September | October / 2021

Located in Laúndos, municipality of Póvoa de Varzim, is the most recent Waste Management Centre, a project where ENERGIE technical solutions were planned and installed for the production of Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating of the employees’ shower rooms.

Three 500 litre ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar Systems, model ECO 500isx, were installed, consisting of 2 Thermodynamic Solar Panels each and an accumulator tank with serpentine coil for back-up. For the central heating and back-up of the production of Domestic Hot Water (DHW), an 80ºC high temperature aerothermal heat pump, model Aquapura X30 was installed.

The ECO 500isx is the ideal model for industry, hotels, schools, gyms. It uses an innovative technology with high performance that allows the user a substantial reduction of costs in water heating, obtaining a fast return on investment. In addition, the maintenance of the solar system is almost non-existent.

The Aquapura X30 heat pump allows you to obtain hot water up to 80°C on rainy days or even during the night thanks to its innovative operating principle. This model stands out for its high energy efficiency for heating and for its ability to be integrated with other heating systems and easy installation, therefore it is the ideal equipment for the combination with the Thermodynamic Solar System ECO 500isx for heating sanitary waters in this Waste Management Centre.

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