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November | December / 2021

In an unusual year where components are in short supply, transport, raw materials and electricity prices are soaring, the perfect scenario that drives up costs and threatens the global recovery in the post-pandemic period, ENERGIE continues to invest in production processes and strengthen ties with its partners.

In November, we held another training session, this time for our partners in central Portugal, where we presented the latest news in the Heat Pump sector.

These actions are aimed at providing our partners with technical and commercial knowledge to install Heat Pumps for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Central Heating (CH) production.

In the spotlight was the new Aquapura INVERTER 14HT Heat Pump, a range of cutting-edge Heat Pumps, with environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant. This new generation of Heat Pumps can help save energy resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We work daily to facilitate the access of professionals to ENERGIE equipment and technologies, as well as offering them a space where they can evolve and develop as technical experts in our brand.

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