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November | December / 2021

ENERGIE presents its latest novelty, the Aquapura INVERTER 14HT heat pump, the latest generation of aerothermal heat pumps with environmentally friendly R290 natural refrigerant.

The R290 refrigerant allows, from a technical point of view, to reach the highest temperatures, up to 75°C in heating and 70°C for the production of Domestic Hot Water, by accumulation and without the use of electrical resistance.

The Aquapura INVERTER 14HT heat pump is sold on the market with an ABS polymer outer shell, which gives it protection against corrosion, and yields high performance regardless of the application: heating, cooling or production of domestic hot water. The advantages do not stop there, an easy to install and super silent heat pump will meet all the ecological, economical and efficient needs of our consumers.

The icing on the cake of this new Aquapura INVERTER 14HT heat pump is its compatibility with the Aquapura THERMOBOX range.

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